Free active – your sport, recreation and rehabilitation studio

Free active – your sport, recreation and rehabilitation studio

Thanks to our experience which we had started acquiring as owners of the Pilates Studio in Novigrad, today, five years later, we can safely say that FREEactive studio offers programmes suitable for all ages and all client types – from those recreational ones to more demanding sport professionals...

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Free active – your sport, recreation and rehabilitation studio

Our new web page

It is our exceptional pleasure to present our new web page which will try to introduce you to our programme of individual and group training through body technic, specific programmes designed for children and pregnant women as well as special weigh loss and recreational programmes.

Hoping you will find some interesting information on our site, we wish you pleasant surfing! See you!

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To achieve best results in shaping your body, make a decision today to be more healthy and to look better, and we will put your decision into action!

Programmes for women, men and children

Aided by many years of our trainers' experience and cooperation with numerous professional associates – doctors, kinesiologists and nutritionists, we have developed specialized recreation and rehabilitation programmes. Your training is individual or carried out in small groups of not more than 8 people.

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Christopher Columbus

Services and packages

FREEactive studio organizes individual recreational programmes as well as group recreation for a bigger group of people. We also organize and lead sport games and prepare team buildings for companies. From a number of sport-recreational events, we would like to single out the following:

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Contact us

We consider our contact with you to be extremely important. If you have any questions or uncertainties with regard to our services and programmes or you just need some help and advice from our professional team, feel free to contact us.

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